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Tasmanian Tree Ring Projects

Institution Investigators Project Project Dates State Region Project_Description
Forestry and Timber Bureau, Canberra J.M. Gilbert Forest Succession in the Florentine Valley, Tasmania 1959 TAS Tiger and Gordon Ranges Slabs examined in the field as part of a survey of forest succession in the Florentine Valley.
Tree Ring Research Lab, University of Arizona V.C. Lamarche, D.A. Campbell, T. Bird, D. Adamson, G. Dolezal, P.W. Dunwiddie, J. Ogden, F. Podger Tree-Ring Chronologies of the Southern Hemisphere 1974-1979 TAS Bruny Island Large-scale collection effort to build tree-ring chronologies across the Southern Hemisphere.
School of Geography and Environmental Science, The University of Auckland J. Ogden Dendrochronological potential of Australian trees 1976-1978 TAS Pine Lake Considers the dendrochronological potential of Tasmanian tree species, esp. Athrotaxis cupressoides and A. selaginoides.
CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research M. Francey et al. Isotopes in Tree Rings 1981-present TAS Pieman River Catchment Collection of cores from living trees and the largest excavation of subfossil Huon Pine producing one of the longest chronologies in the Southern Hemisphere.
Department of Geography, University of Tasmania D.M.J.S. Bowman, J.B. Kirkpatrick Geographic variation in Eucalyptus delegatensis demographic structure 1982-1984 TAS Northeast Tasmania Ring counts from slabs in the field were made in order to determine stand ages among sites across NE TAS.
Radiocarbon Laboratory, Australian National University M.J. Head, C.J. Lacey Radiocarbon age determinations from lignotubers 1988 TAS Hobart Region Lignotubers were collected from Eucalyptus coccifera in TAS and E. botryoides in NSW in order to determine tree ages.
Tree-Ring Laboratory, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory; Institute of Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies B. Buckley, E. Cook Huon Pine and Climate Change 1990-1997 TAS Mt. Read Long-term chronology and climatic interpretations developed from multiple collections of Lagarostrobus franklinii.
School of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Tasmania K. Allen A dendroclimatological investigation of Phyllocladus aspleniifolius 1994-1998 TAS Northeastern Highlands State-wide collection of a single species for dendroclimatological analyses.
CSIRO Forestry and Forest products R.L. Korol et al. Effects of water status and soil fertility on the C-isotope signature in Pinus radiata
Pinus radiata
1997 TAS Tower Hill Physiological study of Pinus radiata in plantations under various silvicultural treatments.
Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment; Forestry Tasmania K. Allen Warra LTER 1998-1999 TAS Warra Chronology results for Phyllocladus aspleniifolius and early results for Athrotaxis selaginoides for the Warra LTER.
Forestry Tasmania J. Hickey et al. Warra LTER 1998-1999 TAS Southern Tasmania Several discs were collected in order to determine stand age.
School of Plant Science, University of Tasmania M. V. Rowell, G. J. Jordan, R. W. Barnes Coal Head Point Pleistocene Fossil Forest 2000 TAS Macquarie Harbor Small (2 cm^3) samples for C14 dating of fossilised Maleleuca forest in western Tasmania.
Department of Forestry, ANU; Forestry Tasmania P.J. Alcorn, J.K. Dingle, J.E. Hickey Warra Silvicultural Systems Trial 2001 TAS Warra Identified regrowth (to 110 yrs) and oldgrowth (>110 yrs) cohorts & examine relationship bet. diameter and age.
School of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Tasmania A. Koch Tree hollows in Tasmanian Eucalyptus obliqua forest and their use by vertebrate fauna 2004-2007 TAS Huon Collected Eucalyptus obliqua discs cut in forestry coupes in order to relate tree age to the occurrence of tree hollows utilized by animals.
School of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Tasmania J. von Platen A history and interpretation of fire frequency in dry Eucalypt forests and woodlands of eastern Tasmania 2004-2008 TAS Eastern Tiers Used Eucalyptus cross sections to reconstruct a fire history for eastern Tasmania.
School of Plant Science, University of Tasmania S. Wood Age of Tasmanian Old Growth Forests 2008-2009 TAS Styx Valley Investigation of age and fire history of an old-growth Eucalyptus regnans stand in southern Tasmania.